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Worker conditions and wage disparities like those that exist at many corporations like Walmart are despicable. How do you best ensure fair wages among large corporations where executives make billions while their employees need food stamps?

I tend to favor government not regulating by instituting wage caps, but instead a graduated tax system, without loopholes that would insure that obscene wealth (salaries and perks included) is never exempted and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. And in the case of Walmart, not just wages, but wealth taxed fairly as well.

I would tax companies like Walmart who pay low wages and fail to provide health coverage, because through Medicaid, these employees become a burden on the state, which ends up subsidizing what companies like Walmart should pay for out of their immense profits.

I would also use the bully pulpit to point out to Americans the wage disparity of companies who refuse to do anything about this wealth disparity and the suffering of employees; even encouraging boycotting until corrected.