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Health care is a basic human right and as it exists in the United States is a disgrace. We don’t get anywhere near the care we should for the money spent. Greed has corrupted nearly every area of American society and Big Pharma and Big Health Care are no exception. Big health care is administratively top-heavy and the doctors and nurses who provide the actual care are no longer the main ones who the fruit of their effort. The federal govt. has to be advocates for the health care consumer, as well as the actual practitioners. It is not acceptable that 100 million Americans are crippled with medical debt. 500,000 Americans turn to bankruptcy because of it. 2/3 of all bankruptcies are due to medical costs and loss of income from being out of work for medical reasons.

It is despicable that in Florida over 1/4 of a million eligible residents have been kicked off medicaid.

We don’t really have health care in America, we have disease care. I am in favor of the promotion of knowledge and practices that holistically make Americans healthier, and not just deal with disease, when it’s too late.