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I am one of the people, not a career politician or member of the oligarch class. I am not in the hip pocket of any millionaire or billionaire. I have been close to the ground all my life living and working among youth and families. I have an ingrained respect for people and life, and hopefully a sense of humor. I am not afraid to speak the truth out of political consequences, since I am not a politician.

I have had half a century of experience of developing community, bringing people together to get things done for a common good. I may not have always succeeded but I have a great deal of knowledge of what works and doesn’t work. I know the importance of listening to those involved first and then taking decisive action. I know that personal connection is crucial.

I am the only one bringing to the table what the other candidates leave out:
1 – The primacy of love and building a Civilization of Love
2 – The need to change America from an oligarchy back to a democracy
3 – Servant leadership – citizen input and involvment

I am secure in myself and do not need to make a name for myself for having reached some perceived top rung. I am here to serve, and do not see the presidency as a platform to espouse any ideology or agenda, other than the centrality of active, abundant, unconditional, sacrificial love in this world.