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Obviously it is not acceptable that 1 in 100 Americans is incarcerated, but this over-incarceration is primarily a state not federal issue. Having personally been a mentor for youth in juvenile detention for 25 years, I’ve seen firsthand the necessity for fathers and other males to be positive role models in the lives of boys. Family and grassroots effort, not a big government program is what is needed to halt the endless feed into the criminal justice system. Even at adolescence it can be clear who will learn from their mistakes and reform their lives, and who has no interest in leaving bad behavior behind. WE need to expand rehabilitation through education, therapy, community-based support, and job training for those who want to become positive contributing citizens. At the same time society must be protected from hardened adult criminals with no desire to change. I am against the death penalty, but in favor of life sentence without parole for serious offenses.