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The heinous attack attack on innocent civilians is despicable. Terrorism of such a nature can never go unanswered. Israel has every right to defend itself. If Iran’s involvement is definitively determined, it must be confronted in the most severe ways. There needs to be serious Israeli investigation as to why the attack, which they were warned about was not prevented. Eventually there needs to be peaceful resolution to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinan situation. America must take action to prevent the establishment Russian, Chinese, and Iranian footholds.

As it has unfolded, Israel’s Gaza response, which has tragically resulted in the death of so many innocent Palestinians, is not acceptable. I would not allow US funds to be used for this civilian mass murder.

Netanyahu needs to go!

A new era is needed going forward without both Netanyahu and his far right coalition and military that failed to protect; and the violent, genocidal Hamas terrorists. There must be a long overdue Palestinian state, and it cannot be led by terrorists who are committed to wiping out the Jewish state.