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I am unconditionally for supporting Ukraine as they fight for their homeland. Putin’s bloody imperialist aggression cannot go unchecked. The 2014 Russian annexations in Ukraine should never have been allowed to stand. So weakly punishing Putin only emboldened him.

Ukraine must be allowed to enter NATO to receive that future protection as soon as the war is over. I am also in favor of allowing to enter NATO any of the other former Soviet Union nations threatened by Putin who want to join. (like Moldova)

Serious consequences, including sanctions, must be applied to the CCP and any and all nations assisting Russia in any way that enables them to drag on their occupation attempt

Going forward, our European NATO allies must assume the lion’s share of aid to Ukraine, as the danger is closest to and affects them most. When looking at the amount of aid given Ukraine you have to look at the percentage of GDP given and the US has given more. (Estonia the highest, France almost nothing- shame on them)