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I am consistently pro-life, not just on the abortion issue, but also anti: death penalty, euthanasia, racism, economic injustice, war & genocide. This is as opposed to many who claim a pro-life identity, but are really only anti-abortion or pro-birth, since in every other area where life needs protecting, they could care less.

I am also sensitive to the needs of women, and to the reality that we have just had half a century, covering two full generations of Americans, believing that abortion was their constitutional right. Moving forward beyond that is challenging and must be handled respectfully.

Abortion laws are varying tremendously state to state, but overwhelmingly most Americans favor banning abortion in the final trimester. If on behalf of the American people, congress presents legislation banning abortion at the heartbeat of the baby with limited exceptions in the case of rape and incest or in the event of a “life-limiting anomaly”, I will sign it.