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The US already does more than almost all other nations by far to help in disaster situations. I would mobilize other wealthy nations who do not contribute as much of % of GDP for disaster aid (with the occasional exception). The current state of this is similar to NATO where for too many years the other members dumped the costs on the US.
I would also call out China and their allies in chaos, on their lack of response.
Regarding the suffering from war and disaster, this also needs to be a multinational approach with US leadership.

On the ground presence is essential for an effective response. I have found from the administration of my charity “Hope for the Children” that unless you have reliable, trustworthy people and supervision on the ground that you are throwing away your money. Eliminating or at least reducing the possibility of corruption is essential.
Most of all my moving the US into being a COL society shifts the whole balance of influence in the world in the arc of love as a response and the alleviation of human suffering to not just mitigate disaster, but every situation.