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I will spearhead serious action to reform the federal government, restoring it to the people.

1 – All votes must count equally. The electoral college must be abolished and the presidency determined by popular vote.

2 – Congress will now be the realm of citizen service, ending control by career politicians and the elites who benefit from them. Term limits for all three branches to 2 terms.

3 – We will enact serious campaign finance reform finally taking the money out of politics, and allowing for greater candidate inclusion. This includes reversing the absurd and corrupt “Citizens United” SC ruling that declared that corporations are persons.

4 – End partisan politically biased gerrymandering and primaries. Literally half of American voters do not belong to either of the 2 major political parties, yet they continue to dominate as the only choices voters have. State legislators cannot be allowed to draw up districts, the gerrymandering temptation is too great.

5 – I will be relentless in pursuit of exposing and punishing federal government corruption and will protect whistle-blowers.