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I will strengthen US commitment to existing alliances and form new ones where needed.

I will form the strongest of alliances with our western hemisphere neighbors, creating an unprecedented economic and friendship zone of a united north, south and central America.

I will maintain a strong commitment to our European allies through NATO to contain Russian aggression.

I will build Asian/ Pacific alliances to contain CCP there.

I will also build an Arctic alliance to prevent the Russian aggression and militarization of the Arctic ocean.

We will monitor and enforce the Antarctica treaty to prevent the militarization and economic exploitation of the southern pole of the planet.

I will shape a South Atlantic treaty with Africa to combat colonial activity led by CCP economic intimidation and Russian mercenaries) and South/Central America.

I will assert that the Americas, North, south and central are our hegemony and not allow any Russian or Chinese footholds. There will be no spy bases in Cuba or any other nation in the hemisphere. WE have bases in Guam, Hawaii, and Alaska. There is no reason on earth how a CCP spy balloon should go undetected and reach our mainland.

I will push for international treaties to secure the demilitarization of space including the moon and Mars.

As a COL nation we will have the moral high ground in all areas of international activity. A willingness to talk, but conveying a clarity about our readiness for military response when needed to defend our people and our interests.