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I have great hopes for a bright future of cooperation and friendship for Americans with the Russian and Chinese people. However progress is determined by who is leading these countries. As long as Putin, or any other aggressive authoritarian leader is ruling Russia and Xi & the CCP are ruling China, both with an iron fist oppressively at home, and aggressive intimidation behavior towards us, our allies and vulnerable nations, I am not naive, I know progress will be difficult, even impossible, unless there are serious changes. Regardless simply: these powers along with their allies Iran and North Korea cannot be allowed to threaten the safety and security of the world.

Both members of this new alliance only understand one thing: brute strength. I will clearly convey immediately the consequences of any actions that undermine our own national interests, sovereignty of other nations, the global rule of order, and human rights.

There are so many antagonistic behaviors against us that would have to be halted for true improved relations to occur including: ending Intellectual Property theft, cyber attacks, disinformation campaigns, to name a few. My foreign relations doctrine is: no nation may do here in America what we cannot do in their country: including buy up real estate and run social media companies.