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We need leaders like myself who know that conflict is natural, but contempt is not. That disagreements are normal, disrespect is not. People need to reject prospective leaders who spew venom because it benefits them politically. Some leaders lament and try not to contribute to the negativity, but also have no clue about how to bring people together.

Because this is the major thrust of the movement I created and lead, being elected president will already indicate that the tide is turning from ripping apart to pulling together. With enough Americans bravely choosing to be instruments of community building rather than shredding, their collective actions will help the country gradually move away from the negative cycle that is currently keeping us so bitterly divided. Since so many (media, social media, demagogue politicians, Big Food, Big Pharma, the oligarch class, our foreign enemies) profit and benefit from keeping Americans at each others throats, it will require a level of courage previously only found in wartime. I will mobilize the federal government as a clearinghouse of information and resources of successful community building programs and trainings.