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I will use the traditional flow that already exists in the Executive Branch of the federal government through cabinet level departments headed by secretaries of my selection, based on what I have determined to be their hands on, and not Washington loop experience. I will have regular meetings with these cabinet members individually and not as an entire cabinet. I will consult with congressional leaders who may have expertise in certain areas. I will have a crew of personally selected general advisors who I may call on based on their expertise. I will have advisory teams and task forces of my selection in various domestic and foreign policy areas.

I will be making sure the information and knowledge I am gathering is not limited by taking advantage of my new ‘National Discussion” process where citizens and experts of all kinds, who may not be in any can weigh in on important issues. This gathered information will come in directly to me at the White House.

I will make all decisions thoughtfully, not impulsively, and implement policy based in the best input I have been able to gather through all these methods. I will also make sure there is independent follow through, accountable to me personally, to insure implementation.